The first time that little envelope arrives in the mail, you immediately toss it in the trash. Who are these people, and how do they know how old you are?

Because if you didn’t see it coming with a wrinkle here, and a stray gray there and everywhere, AARP will be the final nail in your ever-aging coffin.

You know how that song goes, “Looks like we’ve made it or you thought so until today.” Yep. Welcome to the club—the big five-oh & counting. And while the truth hurts (oh, these aching bones), We’ve been looking at this all wrong. You are not only getting older but baby, you are getting better. And, by better- I mean, you know what you want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

And, while in dog years, you are freaking old, in housing years—you are just getting started.

New home designs geared towards 50 plus are smarter than ever. And, smart builders are slipping features and options into their designs geared towards this population.

  • Here are few great ideas when building new or renovating:
  • Raised electric outlets—just 6″, but it makes a difference
  • Raised vanities
  • Raised dishwashers—or better yet—dishwasher drawers
  • Multilevel counter tops
  • Lap pools
  • Wine cellars, wine bars, wine anything…

This growing population wants LIFESTYLE in their next home purchase. They’ve suffered through the kids in college and wedding expenses; and now want what theySHE wants. Kitchens need to have options. We may have downsized our square footage, but we want luxury in our finishes. So bring out the hi-end appliances, not because anyone is cooking, but because they want to steam last night’s leftovers from that fabulous new restaurant around the corner. And, don’t even think about limiting the countertop choices. As an official AARP card carrying member, they’ve got opinions on just about everything- and are extremely well versed in on-line shopping and research.

As designers, we stay tuned to the latest trends. We’ve already had a demo on those high-end appliances. We’ve drooled over lighting from Visual Comfort. We’ve lounged on the Bernhardt sofas with a fabulous glass of red. We travel the world, attend multiple trade shows to make sure we bring back to our clients the latest ideas and trends.

Mead Design—A boutique sized design firm.  Now accepting custom build clients. Building a custom home can be daunting, exhausting and costly. We have over 25 years’ experience in blueprints, frame walks, and electrical walks-our boots are dusty!  Let us help you through the process.

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